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2014 The Big Move
This year's card honors our passed on mascot and pet, Cali Mau: 1998 - 2013. I took this photo of her back in Christmas 2001.

2014 Holiday Card

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2013 Cat Xmas Lights
This year's card honors our passed on mascot and pet, Cali Mau: 1998 - 2013. I took this photo of her back in Christmas 2001.

2013 Holiday Card

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2012 Christmas Tree
One scanned branch duplicted and made into different colors to suggest distance and heighth of the christmas tree. Luvin' Photoshop : )
Oh Tannenbaum!

2012 Holiday Card

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2011 Ornament and Disco Ball
Designy layout celebrating both Christmas and New Years festivities.

2011 Holiday Card

2012 Calendar
No calendar made : (
December was too busy! : )

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2010 Holiday Card -
Retro Fruit Crate Label

This seasons card wished bountiful crops in a re-energized and hopeful 2011 new year.

2010 Holiday Card

2011 Calendar
The "Sundial" 2010 pocket/purse calendar accompanied the 2010 Hoilday card.

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2009 Gnome Patton
As we are pushing to get beyond the current economic recession, a motivational speech was in order from up north. "Gnome Patton" was ready to deliver the "marching orders".


• The accompanying 2010 calendar has a "Tree-ring" theme, a method of ancient dating based on the analysis of patterns of the tree rings. BTW - the oldest living single organism is located right here in the 2010 Calendar above to learn more.

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2008 Future Christmas Tree
...gave a hopeful message in a tough economic time.


Our 2008 Christmas Card won a National Design Award! Read more...

• The accompanying 2009 calendar showcased Stonehenge – an ancient time piece of pre-historic man.

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Each holiday season we specially design and mail out Christmas cards to express our thanks to our clients, friends and family.
It's also our chance to spread our creative wings - have a little fun or reflect on the passing year. We also include some of our popular Yearly Calendars.

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2007 Naughty or Nice?
Well, which one have you've been?

• The accompanying 2008 calendar had a "midnight sun" theme.

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2006 Virtual "Reindeer Mints"
... were this years theme with in a retro tarnished tin container. A special note was provided to make sure you put some on the "rooftop for hungry reindeer" so they'll "put in a good word to Santa" on your behalf!


• The accompanying 2007 calendar picked up the same look as the holiday card.

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2005 Ole Timey Approach
Always looking for a different approach, after all we are artists! Incredible looking copper paper and envelopes lead to the idea of a plaque honoring Santa's Workshop. Three each pocket calendars were sent also. We also added a more through Santa web page.


• The accompanying 2006 calendar

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2004 Christmas Collage
This year we printed out the card on our new Lexmark c510 color laser printer. About 150 cards.


• The accompanying 2005 calendar

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2003 The Knowlege Of All Things Christmas & Holidays
This is the card that started this website...everything you wanted to know about Christmas and the holiday season.


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2002 Thanks!
Thanking all our clients/jobs throughout the year.


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2001 In memory of 09/11/01.


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2000 Millennium Year Calendar Extravaganza
Following is for year 2000, the Millennium year. We made a calendar (for year 2001) with separate pages with photos/images appropriate for each particular month...some with images of ourselves! Click on each one for a larger view.

January thru June:
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July thru December:
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1999 "Got Santa?"
A play off the "Got Milk" ad campaign. Shows milk and cookies waiting for Santa.


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1998 Season Greetings.
Reindeer, Xmas tree, Ole Santa Claus, Old 4 cent Xmas stamp, Angel, Exchanging gifts and the our angelic company mascot (or "mascat") Cali-Mau.


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1997 Santa hats.
Happy Holly Days. Steve, Dee Dee & Angie. Garson Design Services.


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