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Our Koi Pond In Print!
December 22, 1992


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Our Koi Pond In Print
Daily Republic came out and took photos (Mike McCoy) of our pond and did an article (Amy Maginnis) about it in the Sunday Solano Home Life section. I was on the cover! Look how small the koi are and there isn't even a sunroom.

Me out by the pond filter. The 2 round tanks go down 5' and are mechanical filters. My hand is in the biofilter bed which is all covered by a wood deck lid.

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Here was the interior article writeup about the pond.

Garson Design Services
in it's infancy - barely 4 months old (started Aug. 1, 1992). Yes that was the office on the dining room table - with a nice view of the pond. I think I had it upstairs in the bedroom and I thought "why waste a great view of the pond" so I brought the office downstairs.

• QMS Hammerhead B/W Tabloid Printer $4k
• Microtek Scanner $1.2k
• Mac Quadra 950/50hz 11/11/92 $5.4k with 1/2 gig hard drive, 4mb ram(emory) $540
• Monitor Radius 20" $2.4k
• 45mb Sysquest removable cartridge drive $500

I think between August 1 - Nov. 11, 1992 I rented a computer.

I didn't get my next computer until 08/1995 which was a Mac 8500/120hz

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