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Do you want more fulfilling relationships and career? Better health and prosperity?

You probably know what you are wanting in your life, or more likely, what you don't want. Are you wondering what's getting in your way?

There may be interference in your "signals"
Tuning your thoughts is like tuning into a radio station. You need to remove the static to get a clear transmission. The interference (static) occurs between your Conscious Desires (Goals) and your Subconscious Beliefs that are programmed from past experiences.

Are you running on outdated "software"?
Beliefs that are downloaded at a very young age are often no longer appropriate to what is happening in the present.  The Subconscious Mind records and stores your beliefs. For example, you desire a fabulous relationship but you had a past experience of getting painfully hurt. Beliefs created and stored in your Subconscious Mind from that past experience may be, “I’m not worthy”, or “I’m not good enough”, or “It’s too scary to risk love”.

PSYCH-K® is a gentle method of communicating with your subconcious mind to change self-sabotaging beliefs into self-supporting ones.

Beliefs are like seeds planted in the soil of your subconcious mind. Tend the gardens of your life with Psych-K and free your subconcious mind from limiting beliefs. Now is the time to turn over a new belief and watch yourself blossom.

- Nancy Burns


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Oct. 25 Sat. & Oct. 26 Sun. 2008.
Marin County, California

November 15 & Nov.16, 2008

Sonoma County, California

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