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School Board candidates earn our vote

By Daily Republic staff

If the current collection of candidates for the Fairfield-Suisun School Board is any indication, the future is bright for our schools.
The candidates have shown a universal concern for students, teachers and performance. But only four seats are available on the seven-member board.
...Susan Heumphreus has the skills and experience needed to fill those seats at a critical time for the school district.
Susan Heumphreus took the unusual step of leaving the School Board in the 1990s to enter the classroom as a teacher. She would bring to the board considerable knowledge of what goes on in the classroom and at the district level. Those experiences put her in the unique position of seeing issues from both sides of the table, giving her a perspective that no else brings to the race.
....recognize the challenges the district and the community face, including the importance of hiring a superintendent who will move this district forward in a positive and productive manner.
We believe they are up to the daunting challenges this school district presents.

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Join FSUSD teachers/FSUTA members who support Heumphreus

“Susan is my first choice for Governing Board”.
Diane Mary
• Science Teacher,
Sullivan Middle School
“Susan understands
the issues that impact classroom instruction and learning.”
Karen Collins
• Elementary Teacher, Tolenas
"Susan realizes that Math must be taught at the students' level of ability."
P. Vargas
• Math Teacher, Sullivan Middle School
"Someone at the District Office should know how classrooms really work- Susan knows!"
Stella Williamson
• GATE/Honors English
“Susan can cut through the fluff and get to the heart of an issue. She inspires others.”
Rozanne Helms
• Elementary Teacher,
Cleo Gordon
• Fmr. FSUTA board
“From Kdg thru Adult Education, Susan will implement policies that Work!”
Louise Martineau
• Suisun Elementary
• Fairfield Adult School

Committed to Public Education, Involved in our Community

• A Fairfield family since 1978.
• San Francisco Bay Area native
• BA, Teaching Credential from SFSU
• Graduate studies at Sacramento State
• Fairfield-Suisun teacher (elementary and secondary) 1996-2007.
• Professional development courses at Solano Community College.
• Married to Emil Salvotti, local pharmacist
• Children Leanna, Jesse and Casey attended FSUSD - Kindergarten through High School, and undergraduate studies at SCC
• Youth Sports Leagues
• PeopleLink Student Exchange Program
• Church leadership: - Women’s Relief Society - Young Women’s organization - Sunday School

  Issues and Solutions

Student Discipline

“Revolving door discipline” results in students who know that disruption in the classroom gets them a few days off and a free ticket back to class. Students who consistently disrupt the education of others must be removed from regular classes and taught at alternate sites. Our children deserve a safe academic environment.

Instead of relying solely on repetitive test scores, decisions regarding Direct Instruction and other remedial strategies will be made with the input of the classroom teacher. We must challenge “Set ‘em up to fail” State and Federal policies such as placing all 7th graders in Pre-Algebra regardless of ability.

District-wide policies
The Governing Board must be proactive in presenting the data and discussions that drive policy. We direct the Superintendent – we are responsible for every decision and policy enacted. Board members must be experienced in curriculum, classroom instruction, and community contact. FSUSD can’t mandate “one strategy fits all” policies if our goal is “By Name and By Need”.

District and Union relations
Can a labor union and an employer forge a mutually respectful relationship? YES! Both sides represent dedicated professionals. By diligently avoiding insults, innuendo and other unprofessional conduct, we can rise above our past and develop a new model for successful non-adversarial labor relations.

Question and Answer

Q: How will you "get a feel" for what's really happening at the school sites in our district?
A: I plan to visit schools weekly, take time to be available for questions and concerns from staff, walk the campus and go into classrooms.

Q: What about the kids who aren't planning on college?
A: While we as responsible adults encourage at least a 2 yr college AA degree - the short and longterm benefits are too great to dismiss - we realize that career and hands-on training and experience in high school is vitally important. FSUSD already has some school-to-career curriculum paths available, but more are needed.

“Susan Heumphreus isn’t afraid to confront difficult issues or difficult people. She gets the job
Mike Helms
• Labor Union Rep
• Fmr. Board Member
“Susan has experience as a parent, a teacher, a
community worker and
leader. She has my
confidence and my vote.”
Mary Nielsen
• District PTA President
• State PTA Education
• State Commission on
Teacher Credentialing
“Susan Heumphreus
knows that standards of behavior must be firmly enforced and positively upheld by staff and students.”
Chris Pedersen
• Asst. District Attorney
“I’ve known Susan for
years and admire her
volunteer work with the
youth of Fairfield and
W. Dexter Sanders
• Fairfield City Council
• Boy Scouts of America
Area Leadership
“Susan Heumphreus has proven to be a
dedicated teacher and
effective voice for staff,
parents and students.”
Jeff Williamson
• Fmr. FSUSD Principal
Susan Heumphreus is
approachable – willing
to listen, and see things first hand.”
Bob Perkins
• Ret. FSUSD Principal
Susan appreciates the
importance of art and
music in education."
Linda Pedersen
• Music Teacher,
Suzuki Strings

“For 28 years I've known Susan to be a woman of integrity and compassion!”
Linda Mahoney
• Solano Interfaith Council
• Heather House
      Vote for Susan Heumphreus Tuesday November 6, 2007!

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• Download Susan's campaign brochure Click Here 1.32mb

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